Products with wide ranging uses that are utilized for plastics, inks, paints and other materials.

Colorants for Resin

ORIENT® colors were developed for coloring plastics, and because of their high quality, such as strong light and heat resistance they are relied upon throughout the world. These products are highly compatible with resin giving beauty and transparency that are unattainable with pigments. NUBIAN® colors, which are for engineering plastics, and OIL colors, which have wide-ranging usages because of their superior coloring properties. "NIGROSINE,", an organic black dye manufactured using dye synthesis technology, can be used for the coloring of resins, inks and paints.

Principal Uses Product Line
Phenol Orient Colors
Polyamide Nubian Colors
Polycarbonate Oil Colors
Polystyrene Nigrosine Colors
Acrylic Resin

Colorants for Coating

VALIFAST® colors are produced utilizing azo-metal complex and dye-salt compound technology. They are top-of-the-line products for SPIRIT colors due to their superior lightfastness, heat resistance and solubility. They are also used in various types of coating materials because of their superior sublimation and bleed resistance.

Principal Uses Product Line
Film Coating Ink Valifast Color Series
Gravure Ink

Colorants for Paint

OIL colors, which are oil soluble dyes featuring bright color, are used for coloring paint, gasoline, shoe polish, etc. VALIFAST® colors, which have excellent solubility and impart brilliant color in solvents, are used for wood stain and leather paints applied as the top coating materials.

Principal Uses Product Line
Various types of paints for
wood and leather products
Shoe Polish
Oil Color Series
Valifast Color Series


ORIENT supplies the most suitable materials for information storage in a wide range of areas. These products include Charge Control Agent for electro-photographic toner and organic colorants used for writing ink and inkjet ink as well as high-performance materials for information storage.

Colorants for Writing Ink

OIL colors and VALIFAST colors are oil and spirit soluble dyestuffs. WATER colors are water soluble and are available in a wide range of hues.

Principal Uses Product Line
Oil Based ink for ballpoint pens Oil Color Series
Water based ink for ballpoint pens Valifast Color Series
Oil based marker pens Water Color Series
Water based marker pens  
Gel ink  
Ink for fountain pens  
Ink for Whiteboards  

Charge Control Agent for Electro-photographic Toners

The BONTRON® series was developed with due attention being paid to the electrical characteristics of dyes. They are used to effectively control the electrification property of toners that are used with electro-photography equipment, such as copying machines and laser beam printers. The products have a significant market share throughout the world and come with a lineup of various products for different usages, such as the N and the P series for a positive charge, and the S, the E and the F series for a negative charge.

Principal Uses Product Line
Toners for electro-photography equipment Bontron Series
Powder-form paint  

Colorants for Inkjet

BONJET® Series and Micropigmo® Series are pigment dispersions. The Nigrosine Series, Oil Series, Valifast® Series are suitable for solvent based inkjet. The Water Series is suitable for water based inkjet.

Principal Uses Product Line
Office automation type inkjet printers Bonjet Series
Industrial Inkjet printers Micropigmo Series
  Nigrosine Base Series
  Oil Series
  Valifast Series
  Water Series

Laser Transmission Welding

eBind® is the newly developed colorant for Laser Transmission Welding (LTW). A laser beam transmits through the transmission layer and changes into heat at the interface of the transmission and absorbent layer. The heat of the beam works to weld the two layers into one part.