• Dyestuffs particularly suitable for the coloring of transparent plastics, producing brilliant color molds.
  • Suitable for polystyrene, ABS, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyamide and other resins

Orient Color Series

What are Orient Colors?

  • Orient Colors refer generally to dyestuffs which Orient has developed for coloring resins. Orient Colors are coloring agents which have excellent resistance to heat, and excellent compatibility with resins.
  • Orient Colors can be used to color resins in a melted condition, unlike pigments. Thus, Orient Colors are coloring agents which have excellent dispersion, large coloring capacity and provide beautiful transparent color phases.
  • Orient Colors can be regarded as coloring matters similar to organic pigments because of their structural properties and applications.
  • In general, organic pigments are insoluble in water. They seldom dissolve in organic solvents, as well. However, Orient Colors can be soluble in water and organic solvents, which distinguishes them from pigments.

Orient Color Series

Special Features of Orient Colors

  • Bright and clear hues of Orient Colors make it possible to get various hues and gradations of color with ease as well as depth of luster and great transparency.
  • Excellent dispersion properties of Orient Colors make it possible to heat, mix, or otherwise dissolve them into resins easily.
  • Heat resistance. Orient Colors are synthetic resin coloring matters carefully chosen to resist temperatures of 200ºC – 250ºC or above, considering the heating and forming conditions.
  • Resistance to sunlight. Since colored formed products are sometimes used outdoors, Orient Colors have been carefully chosen for very excellent synthetic resin coloring properties through the testing by means of a xenon fade meter.
  • Perfect compatibility with organic or inorganic pigments. Use of Orient Colors as complementary colors can be quite effective by the addition of a very small quantity.

Orient Yellow 64 Solvent Yellow 64
  93 Solvent Yellow 93
  98 Solvent Yellow 98
  114 Solvent Yellow 114
  163 Solvent Yellow 163
Orient Orange 60 Solvent Orange 60
Orient Red 24 Solvent Red 24
  39 Solvent Red 39
  52 Solvent Red 52
  135 Solvent Red 135
  179 Solvent Red 179
Orient Green 3 Solvent Green 3
Orient Violet 3B Basic Violet 3
  13 Solvent Violet 13
Orient Blue 7 Solvent Blue 7
  35 Solvent Blue 35
  97 Solvent Blue 97
  104  Solvent Blue 104  

Orient Color Series Data