Alfast Color Series
Water soluble dyes suitable for the coloring of Alumilite.

Bonjet Series
Carbon Black when dispersed with additives or resins, cannot be easily re-dispersed when dried. However, Bonjet can re-disperse from a dried state when water is added.

Bontron Charge Control Agents
High quality charge control agents for both positively and negatively charged toners used in electronic printers and photo-copiers.

eBind is the newly developed colorant for Laser Transmission Welding (LTW). The laser beam transmits through the transmission layer and changed into heat and below the interface of the transmission and absorption layer. The heat generated works to weld the two layers into one strong bonded part.

eBINDs ® main target is engineering plastics such as nylon and polyester. In addition, we hope the product can be used for different purposes, namely semiconductor and/or YAG laser with our specific polyolefins based on customers' various demands. 

Elixa Series
Elixa Colors are dyes that can be dissolved in non-polar solvents.  They are mainly used in wax, grease, petrol, coal, and oil applications.

Micropigmo Series
Highly stable pigment dispersions with excellent lightfastness dispersed in alcohol or water. Suitable for dry-erase white board markers, inkjet inks, permanent markers, water roller pen inks, water sign pen inks, concrete and construction applications.

Nigrosine Base Series
High quality Nigrosine regarded for its excellent quality throughout the world. Suitable for inkjet inks, ball point pen inks, solvent marker pen inks, water sign pen inks, industrial inks, ribbon inks, carbon paper, shoe polish, phenolic resin, polyamide resin, urea resin, lacquers, varnishes, wood stains and leather.

Nubian Color Series
Excellent colorants suitable high temperature applications for polyamide, polystyrene, ABS, PMMA, polycarbonate, and other resins.

Oil Color Series
Dyestuffs highly soluble in various solvents (especially non-polar aromatic solvents) and suitable for coloring of resins, oil and fat products. Suitable for inkjet inks, writing inks, industrial inks, ribbon inks, marking inks, candles, petroleum products, paints and plastics.

Orient Color Series
Dyestuffs particularly suitable for the coloring of transparent plastics, producing molds of excellent colors. Suitable for polystyrene, ABS, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyamide and other resins.

Valifast Color Series
Solvent-soluble dyestuffs showing brilliant color in alcohols, glycol ethers, esters and ketones. Suitable for inkjet inks, writing inks, gravure printing inks, transparent foil lacquers, wood stains, plastics and leather.

Water Color Series
Dyestuffs soluble in water showing brilliant colors. These dyes are specialized in quality for inkjet printers, sign pens, roller pens, fountain pens and stamp pads.